15/06 - 29/09
h 8:30 - 17:30
San Cassiano
Alta Badia - Italy
Piz Sorega

The "Bike Beats" bike trails are the newest cycling trails designed specifically for bicycles. These are flow country trails, smooth and fast, suitable for MTB, enduro and E-MTB.
The tracks are in beaten earth and sand, for enjoyable and perfect downhill cycling in all weather conditions.
Bike Beats - Movimënt Alta Badia Trails are divided into 3 levels of difficulty:

The trail starting point is located upstream of the Piz Sorega cable car station in San Cassiano, and can be easily reached using the ski lift systems from Corvara and La Villa, the Col Alto and Piz La Ila cable cars respectively.

At the start, bikers can choose between two levels of difficulty: "Trail Ödli" (easy) or "Trail Cör" (medium/difficult).

Half way down, both tracks come together in a single, medium-difficulty "Trail Avëna" trail, which ends downstream of the Piz Sorega cable car station.
Along the trails, depending on the difficulty, elements such as north shores, bumps and jumps of varying difficulty will be placed.

Deep in the woods of Alta Badia, the Bike Beats Trails are designed for the enjoyment of all cyclists, from the most experienced, to those who want to approach the biking and downhill world a little at a time.

The Bike Beats - Movimënt Alta Badia Trails are open every day from 15 June to 29 September, 2019 from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m..

New connections with the trails and new variants

Starting from this year, the Cör trail will be connected with the Ödli trail through a jump line across the meadows called the “Gran Prè”. A long series of fast bends, jumps with tables of many different sizes and the possibility to choose from 3 different sizes of drops (S-M-L).
The highlight of this connecting section is the “Cör”, the heart, a majestic snail with a peculiar shape which makes a 360-degree turn and then continues to join the Ödli trail.
To make the memory of the Cör even more unforgettable, a photographic device will take a picture of you as you tackle this obstacle in your descent, which you can then view on the terminal’s screen located near the start point of the Piz Sorega cable car at the end of the trail.

This year there will be two new variants on the Ödli and Avëna trails. Regarding the Ödli trail, the variant is a deviation, an alternative route to admire the unspoilt woods and meadows of the “Gran Prè”.
The Avëna variant trail offers an easier alternative for less experienced bikers who, this way, can avoid the most difficult part of the trail.



The Bike Beats trails are suitable for everyone, don't miss the exciting descents and the breathtaking panoramic view. To ride the trails safely, always carry your mobile phone with you and don't forget that a helmet is mandatory. You want to try the trails but you don’t have an appropriate bike? Don't worry, you can always rent one in our stations.

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